Meet Georgia

When God decided to distribute the land to the people, a huge queue was created. The Georgians, a people known now for its temperament and dynamism, they decided not to waste their time waiting in the queue, but to make a feast to celebrate the creation of the world. Till all the beautiful and eloquent toasts were told, the pieces of land that God shared had been exhausted. The Georgians, with the childlike innocence that characterizes them, apologized and said they were late because they drank wine. That openness and honesty did not leave the Creator indifferent; then He generously offered their piece of land, which had guarded for Himself. It goes without saying that this was a place that only heaven can be compared to: mountains, smothered in emerald vegetation, the deep blue caressing your look, the bright sun – what more could you wish for?

  • And so Georgia was created

Georgia has always been and remains one of the most attractive destinations for tourists, vacationers and for the believers as well. The warm Black Sea waters and the incredible view, the delicious wine and the “Borjomi”, with its beneficial properties, the tasty souvlakia and KHACHAPURI; all these are only a small part of all those beautiful things that have been linked to Georgia and its people.

  • The history of Georgia – is the history of people who for centuries fought for independence. The multiple invasions by the foreigners brought terrible disasters in the country, but the people did it well and were able to create and preserve the culture, customs and traditions in the centuries.
  • We testify numerous architectural monuments, the monumental painting, the sculptures, the mosaics, the illuminated manuscripts and the forged works of art that have been preserved until today.

1st day. Tbilisi

Arrival at the Sota Rustaveli airport

(Night from 16.05.20176 until 17.05 2017)

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Putting up at the hotel


Divine Liturgy at the church of Alexandr Nevskiy (on the way tour in the Tbilisi city)

  • The Russian Church of Alexandr Nevskiy is located near the metro station named «Marjanishvili» – at 69, Javakhishvili Street. The church was built in 1864. Its construction was made possible thanks to the donations of the parishioners and the contribution of the Holy Synod of Russia of 5000 rubles.
  • The Church has two dining areas: St. Alexandr Nevskiy and St. Nicholas. The second was created in the year 1900, to the right of the sanctuary, in tribute to the anointing of the Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II, entirely by donations from parishioners. In the wider area of ​​the church there is a chapel, built in 1869 by the Glamazdin family. In the cathedral gate is the church of the icon of Theodoros Theotokou, which was built in 1913 in honor of the 300-th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. In the church are kept the holy relics of St. Mary Magdalini, St. Nino, St. Nicholas, St. Shio Mgvimeli etc.
  • Dinner

The beginning of the tour programme

Our trip to Georgia will start from the capital city of Tbilisi, one of the oldest cities in the world. In 2008 Tbilisi celebrated its 1550th anniversary. The city is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by relatively high mountains, in the valley, beneath which flows the river Koura. In Georgia it is said as Mtkvari (“sweet, fresh”). Through Georgia, namely through Tbilisi, has been passing the famous “Silk Road”, which linked the West with the East, and which linked Georgia with the other countries of the Caucasus, Persia, India and China.

  • Metechi Church

Here is just the spot to enjoy the most spectacular views of the old town on the left bank.

The Church of the Virgin of Metechi or just Metechi, is situated in the historical district of Isani In mythology, in Metechi rests Shashunik the Martyr (remembered on September 10). The rock of Metechi was also the place of the congregation of the patron of Tbilisi St. Abu (8 c.)

Then we move to the funicular that will take us to the old castle Narikala. The Narikala fortress (ІV c.) was the main fortress of the old town.

  • «Abanotubani»– the heart of old Tbilisi. From here it opens the beautiful view of the old mosque of Tbilisi. Here are the known natural sulfur baths which had been visited by Pushkin, Tolstoy and other well-known celebrities. Guests will be able to watch how the baths work.
  • Caravanserai. It is not possible to pass from Tbilisi and not visit this important spot, where traders were gathered from all over the East.
  • Sioni Cathedral. According to legend, the foundations had been settled during the Tsar Vakhtangi Gorgasali. At Sioni Cathedral (VІ-VІІ c. Assumption Temple) is kept the cross of St. Vivo by which she christened Tbilisi, as the skull of Apostle Thomas. In this church, Griboiedov and Chavchavadze held their marriages.
  • Amble in the alleys of the old city
  • Visit of the Caravanserai.
  • The Anchiskhati Basilica – one of the oldest churches in Tbilisi. Constructed in the 6-th century (during the son of B. Gorgasali, Dacha).
  • The current name of the church dates from the 17th-century, when here from the church in Anca (now in Turkey) the miraculous icon of the Savior was carried (now the icon is located at the State Museum of Georgia)
  • Stop to take photos near the R. Gabriadze doll theater
  • isit of the Mount of St. David. Here you find the temple of one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers of David of Gkarentzi. Visit of the source of sanctification..
  • Visit to Funiculer (funicular), from which you will enjoy the incredible panoramic view of the city. The cable car in Tbilisi was built in 1905.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Dinner optional (on request)

2nd day. Tbilisi-Metechi


Departure at 9.00 (local time).

Transfer to the eastern region of Georgia, in Cacheti.

The Cacheti region is the birthplace of grapes in Georgia. Over 80% of all Georgian vineyards are located in this region.

The Bodbe monastery complex, which is the tomb of St. Nino, who was the figure of the Enlightenment of Georgia, is an Orthodox Cultural Center, the holy of holies in Georgia. The monastery is just 2 km from Signakhi (Cacheti), which kept the relics of the figure of the Enlightenment of Georgia, St. Nino Equal to the Apostles, which reposed in the year 347, being 67 years old, after 35 years of apostolic asceticism.

The church celebrates on January 14 and usually attracts many pilgrims.

Signakhi is one of the most romantic cities of Georgia founded by Tsar of Georgia, Hercules II, on the XVIII century, and its name comes from the Persian word “unreachable”. Signakhi is situated above the Alazani Valley; from here wonderful views of the valley from which passed the Silk Road are offered.

We will enjoy the commanding view of the caste of Signakhi city which protected it for centuries. In the local museum, works of the famous Georgian painter, Niko Pirosmani, are exhibited. The visit to the museum for the exhibition of Niko Pirosmani is optional.

We will visit the house in which the shooting of the film «Lubov s aktsentom» took place, where the hospitable owner Sergei will give us the tasty Karsi.

  • Back to Tbilisi.
  • o Dinner optionally
  • o Overnight

3rd day Tbilisi – Mtskheta

Mtskheta. Excursion to the ancient capital of Georgia in Mtskheta

The ancient city of Mtskheta is a place of worship for every Georgian. The town was founded in the second half of the I-st ​​millennium BC, almost simultaneously with the creation in the territory of Georgia of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom – Kartli (Iberia) with its capital in Mtskheta.

Visit to the Jvari monastery. The Jvari monastery (“The Church of Saint Cross”) which was built in the VI-th century is located on a high mountain with a breathtaking panoramic view of the confluence of two major rivers Aragvi and Kura. According to legend, here was placed the cross of St. Nino Equal to the Apostles. The Jvari is the first in Georgia monument of World Cultural Heritage. From this monastery was inspired M. Lermontof the masterpiece of Russian literature, the “Mtsiri” poem.

In the Svetiskhoveli temple, the rite of pray will take place.

Tour to the Svetiskhoveli Cathedral. According to legend, the Cathedral sanctified in honor of the Twelve Apostles was built over the burial spot of the robe of Jesus Christ. In the main Cathedral of Georgia in Svetiskhoveli, the coronation ceremonies and weddings of Kings of Georgia were held. In church there are many paintings of the XVI- XVIII c., some of which were restored in the XIX century.

Lunch at the famous “Salobio” (traditional soup).

Visit to the Samtavro monastery.

The Samtavro monastery preserved many relics: the mulberry of Saint Nino (Maklovani), a part of the Life-giving pillar Svetiskhoveli, miraculous images of the Virgin of Iveria and Agis vivo, the relics of Abibosa Nekresi.

Visit to the Shiomgvi monastery.

The monastery is located 9 km from Mtskheta. The oldest building convent was built on Ar. Shio, one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers. Shio had died here and was buried in the well, which was converted into a crypt.

  • Back to Tbilisi.
  • Dinner
  • Overnight

4th day

Tbilisi – Kanda – Uplistsikhe – Borjomi – Axaltsikhe.
Rooms leaving
Departure at 10.00 am.

In Kand village, on the outskirts of Tbilisi, is the monastery of the 13 Assyrian Fathers, who labored on earth of Georgia spreading Christianity and building monasteries. Even nowadays Cayman Father Serafeim makes huge efforts reviving the rites in Aramaic, which was the language of the Mediterranean people, the language of Christ.

  • Visit of the cave-town of Uplistsikhe. The ancient cave-town of Uplistsikhe is located 12 km from Gori, on the left bank of the Koura River. The town was carved into the Kvernak rock end of II – early I century BC; it had several ups and downs till having been completely abandoned in the XIX century, and is one of the most important monuments of Georgian culture. The uniqueness of the monument are due to the remains of the architectural and religious buildings that were built for millennia. At the height of the development, the town of Uplistsikhe includes over 700 caves, of which only the 150 are preserved.
  • Trip to Borjomi – known for its healing mineral water. During archaeological excavations at Borjomi Gorge, they were discovered stone baths, which showed that the thermal properties of the mineral water were well known from ancient times
  • Walk in Borjomi town
  • Visit of the Borjomi City Park and testing of the mineral water from the natural sources.
  • Transfer to Ahaltsikhe.
  • Putting up at the hotel
  • Dinner optionally
  • Overnight

5th day. Ahaltsikhe – Vardzia – Τbilisi

Visit to the city-castle of Rabati in Ahaltsikhe. In the architectural complex, next to the Orthodox church of St. Marina, coexist the mosque, the Catholic Church, the synagogue and the Armenian Church, the Jakeli castle, Turkish baths and amfitheatro.

Tour to the famous monastery complex of Vartzia where icons of the faces of Queen Tamar and her father George as he was alive have been preserved.


Back to Tbilisi.

Dinner optionally


6th day. Tbilisi-Kacheti

Visit to Holy Lavra of David Gareji

The complex consists of 20 monasteries carved into the rocks and covers the territory of the three areas of Georgia – Gardabani, Sagaredzhiyskogo and Sighnaghi. The main monastery is considered to be the holy laurel of St. David, located on the north side of the mountain, separating Georgia from Azerbaijan. The border passes along the top of the mountain, which Georgian historians call Udabno from the homonym monastery. This particular monastery is located on the territory of Azerbaijan, on the southern side of the mountain. Besides, on the southern slope of the mountain there are more than 100 caves, which the monks used as cells. The farthest from the border, about 2 km, is the Bertubani Monastery (dating back to the 12th century). In many churches the frescoes of VIII-XIV centuries have been preserved, with the portraits of historical figures, including the portrait of King Tamar.

  • Return to Tbilisi
  • Dinner (optional)
  • Overnight

7th Day. Tbilisi

Possible visit to the Monastery of Metamorphosis and Tobori
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Transfer to airport
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