Golden Fleece Travel Agency Services

  • Flight & Ferry tickets

    Τhe Golden Fleece Travel Agency team is always at your disposition for your immediate support on the issuance of any type of ticket, to any destination, all around the world. Its longstanding experience on the research of offer packages of flight and ferry companies at the lowest prices ensures that you will get the cheapest tickets possible according to your needs.

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency has simplified the procedure of air and ferry tickets issuing as you can proceed to the booking and issuing of your tickets with a phone-call or e-mail, by credit card or bank deposit, having the tickets and all the necessary travel documents sent to you.

    Miles Card

    By choosing our office for your trips, you can also obtain together with your ticket a MILES CARD of airlines such as AEGEAN AIRLINES, OLYMPIC AIR, LUFTHANSA etc.

    With miles cards you reap benefits (bonus) by traveling to all destinations.

    Their adoption/issuing are an easy and quick process – just fill an application with your personal information, and the card will be sent to the address indicated.

  • Hotel Reservations

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency cooperates with selected high-class hotels in Greece and abroad. Hotels are chosen according to the desired destination, the quality of services, the location, the functionality of its spaces and the benefits offered. Every reservation is accompanied with information about the area, transport schedule, sightseeing and hotel services. Based on your personal needs, Golden Fleece travel Agency selects and suggests the most suitable hotels for you at competitive prices so that your trip will be a magnificent experience whether it is a leisure or business trip.

  • Trip planning for exhibitions

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency’s experienced partners take care and organize your trip that fully meets your needs and requirements. It provides solutions ideally organized in detail for your individual or group trips for international exhibitions, conferences, events and business or professional meetings in Greece and abroad.

  • Guided Tours

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency also provides private tours services, adapted to your special needs.The Company is in cooperation with experienced drivers for your transport to any place, with the presence of an official professional guide. Take the advantage offered by Golden Fleece Travel Agency for an unforgettable visit to the greek sights and museums as well as to entertainment spaces.

  • Visa issuing

    Visa constitutes the “key” for the trip of your dreams. However, in some cases its acquisition it’s not so “dreamlike”.

    As Greek citizens, we have the right to travel freely without visas in the European Union but also in all the countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement.

    Visa has a specific duration and it constitute the basic condition for traveling to many popular destinations. Its acquisitions is usually a simple procedure to be made by the consulate of the country you are traveling to, but in some cases it turns out to be a time consuming procedure as there are cases of countries that are not represented by an embassy in Greece.

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency undertakes to guide you reliably and validly or to proceed on your behalf to all the necessary procedures, applications and documents for its acquisition.

  • Car

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency cooperates with all the car rental companies and undertakes all the procedure of choosing and renting of the vehicle, ensuring that it will be at your disposition at the place and time you need it and with best quality services.

    You can choose among a wide range of vehicles, the one that suits you better and you can rent the vehicle that meets your needs, at a competitive price always with the support of Golden Fleece Travel Agency.

    Motor or sailing yachts

    Turn on the engines and sail away! Golden Fleece Travel Agency is always there to make your wishes come true and help you realize your holiday dream, by offering the opportunity to sail in the blue greek waters with all comforts, visit the wonderful greek beaches with its picturesque and cosmopolitan ports, while enjoying every moment the irresistible power of the sea!

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency will guide you so that you choose the most appropriate yacht via the affiliated network of pleasure yacht owners and proceed to its chartering, while verifying that the yacht meets all the necessary requirements concerning its security & licenses, so that you implement a voyage that meets your expectations at the lowest price.

  • Property rental for Vacation & business

    Greece means history, culture, sun, sea, culinary delight and warm hospitality. In the official website of Golden Fleece Travel Agency you can find rental opportunities for luxury villas, wonderful residences, hostels and rooms in an excellent condition situated in popular dream holiday destinations, studios and apartments, maisonettes and houses in urban areas for any professional or private use for a limited time. Everything you need is here! Contact Golden Fleece Travel Agency to make your dreams come true.

    Instructions: Tags of Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki

    In every option we have a photo presentation accompanied by information about the property to rent. Five photos are provided for each property, a big one and four smaller photos. In case you are interested, you can send us a direct message (possibility of choosing a specific region so that the adding and removing of properties would be easier) more

  • Wedding in Greece

    Direct the most beautiful day of your life according to the advices of specialists who will make you feel carefree at the important day of your wedding.

    Golden Fleece Travel Agency cooperates with specialized organizers of dreamlike weddings, by coordinating even the slightest detail for the organization of your wedding in one fairy destination in Greece!

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