Arrangement of affairs for submission to services

The potential of the Golden Fleece Office Support is always available to provide advice for the normal processing of your personal affairs in public and private services.

Every client addressing to our office is very important for us. Specialized partners with long experience, and studies relevant to linguistics and law, are always there to provide all the information, advice and support that you may need.

Accompaniment in Trade Missions

Golden Fleece Office Support and its qualified stuff is always in the disposition of its clientele and responds to their needs by providing secretarial services in trade missions, business travels, exhibitions visits or professional meetings.


Golden Fleece Translations provides transcription services ensuring the quality of the final result via a smooth oral language conversion system and of a double checking of the final text.

The conversion of the oral to written language through the transcription is achieved so that the final text delivered to the customer has not any pauses or unnecessary repetitions, is legible, it has a consistent flow and properly conveys the original meanings.

A detailed retesting is also undertaken to cover any gaps and correct the final text in a manner that an even total transfer of the recorded oral language is achieved.

The Golden Fleece Office Support provides transcription services for all the areas of social and economic activity (e.g. healthcare, legal, research, business, communication, etc.)


Event management

Golden Fleece Office Support provides support services for any kind of event. Always cooperating with its partners it covers your needs for audio and visual coverage (audio and video recordings), providing office support for your events in cooperation with a Conference organizing company covering your organizing needs of any kind.

Typing and Data Import

Golden Fleece Office Support undertakes the typing of your texts as well as the data import of any type concerning electronic forms, programs and various applications.

All the conversions of handwritten texts to electronic include not only the simple text and data input but also forming, pagination and paragraphing procedures respecting syntax rules as well as your special needs to be covered ( forming with tables , diagrams, bars, charts of financial texts analysis, figures etc.)

The double checking system by different partners applied by Golden Fleece Office Support ensures that the result of the typing process will be accurate and without errors while covering your needs of fast deliverance at the same time.

The cost is calculated based on the number of words, the size of the letters and paragraphs. In excel documents the cost is calculated according to the filled cells, the cells to be created as well as the total extent of the document.


Text editing is applied to texts of a high difficulty level and is implemented by qualified translators who constitute experienced editors and proofreaders equipped with the terminology of the translation object, to ensure high accuracy to the original.

Golden Fleece Office Support also provides such services for translations made by other translators and translation agencies as well as in order to check the conformity of any translated text. The result of the check and the errors and omissions arising indicates if a retranslation of the text is necessary.

We also provide additional services such as the formatting of already typed texts, image and diagram nesting, numbering, photo-scanning as well as everything required so that the text fully meets the needs to be covered.

The most common covered needs are the following:
  • • Forms and special issues for conferences
  • • Student assignments and dissertations
  • • Presentations at conferences and seminars
  • • Promotional material of conferences and other events
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Conference Organization

Golden Fleece Office Support as it fully provides the most important support conference services (such as interpreting, secretarial support, translations, and special material creation etc.), it could entirely undertake with the same responsibility and effectiveness the organization of your conference.

The multiannual experience of our Company, the professional consciousness according to which we accomplish our job and the responsibility which characterizes our customer services guarantee the organization of a successful conference, seminar, meeting etc. which fully corresponds to the goals you have set.

Secretarial Support

Living in a very demanding and complex era for the market, the entrepreneurs and their enterprises, regardless their size and field, are called to work based more than ever on a highly specialized administrative support.

Golden Fleece Office Support builds your professional activities by providing extremely demanding secretarial support services that make the difference. We will study together what your real needs are and we will design the kind and extent of the secretarial support that it’s better for you in order to ensure a good professional function of your Company.

If you are a new Company now starting its career without a complete organizational structure yet, Golden Fleece Office Support with its specialized secretarial support services can show you the way of acquiring an administratively perfect organized and structured Company as well as the importance of the proper and efficient implementation of the administrative procedures.

We provide secretarial services either in a form of services packages, which include a group of related tasks, or as individual tasks.

Indicatively, you can ask for:

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Support of Individual Services

Services such as communication, business meetings’ arrangement, editing of personal tasks for example car obligations, laundry etc., reminding of social and family obligations, as well as of health and medical issues, arrangement and distribution of personal time etc., are some of the services included.

Support of Administrative Services

Services of administrative assistance, communication with partners and authorities for a project coordination, scheduling and realization of meetings between partners and the direction of a Company, report composition, supervising compliance with deadlines and schedules, meeting minutes composition, archiving operations, e-mail sending , Internet research, arrangement of postal communication, mail handling etc., are some of the services included.

Conference and Event Support

Secretarial support services of any kind required for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, travel missions, reception and hosting of partners, accompaniment, mere presence, data registrations, participants registration etc. are included in this category.

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Travel Editing

Part of Golden Fleece Office Support Services constitutes the travel editing as travelling is often connected with business activity.

Always trying to help you organize the formal and less pleasant procedures of a trip while you stay focused on the principal goal of your trip and enjoy the experience of traveling, we provide services of:

  • Research of airlines and air companies for the destination required
  • Ticket reservations
  • Ticket receipt and delivery
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rental
  • Finding an interpreter
  • Checking of prices, distances, currency and time differences, etc.
  • Editing and creation of visiting and sightseeing program, business opportunities, commercial exhibitions, etc.
  • Editing and suggestions of family packages
  • Luggage arrangement
  • General travel arrangements, handling, planning and controls
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