Golden Fleece Translations. The “golden” name in the field of translation!

The Company Golden Fleece was founded in 1993 by Despoina Karypidou and since then it provides consistently translation services, services of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, validation of documents and it’s specialized in medical, scientific, technical, legal, economical, literary, educational, maritime, touristic and administrative texts that are translated in every European language as well as in Asiatic languages.

By continuously investing in technologic systems, executives and translators, it covers its clients’ needs with its high quality, professionalism and consistency in delivery time.

Our Company’s principal goal is to satisfy the client in every possible way and its philosophy is to provide complete and specialized services and solutions.

The Company Golden Fleece Translations is based on its staff which consists of specialized linguists, professional advisors and technicians as well as on an international network of translators and it ensures the rendering of high quality services. The translation and editing of texts by specialists in the relevant fields and terminologies , translations made by translators-linguists in the country of the target language with the use of modern translation technologies, ensures high-quality, competitive prices and high delivery speed.

The multilevel and longstanding experience of Golden Fleece Translations, the thousand projects that it has successfully implemented and the broad customer base combined with the quality and respect of delivery times, has made it one of the most reliable and consistent translation and interpreting companies in Greece.

Benefits of your cooperation with Golden Fleece

Our longstanding experience, the high professional level of our staff and the numerous demanding projects that we have implemented constitute a series of important benefits and advantages for you.

• Golden service quality:
Having tried a system of assignment, realization and delivery of translation for many years, we emphasize to the final quality control and we ensure high quality translation services which totally cover our clients’ needs.

• Low prices:
We have a deep knowledge of the market, the services provided and the way of maintaining their quality, on a level that this allows us to provide competitive low prices for every kind of translation assigned always having in mind to keep the standards of an undeniable quality.

• High-speed and high consistency:
Golden Fleece Translations is always consistent in delivery times of your projects while it pledges for quick response to every emergency call.

• Trust-Confidentiality:
For Golden Fleece and its colleagues confidentiality constitutes an inviolate policy, concerning the offer of high quality translation services, which is ensured in case you need it with the signature of a special agreement.

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