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Having tried a system of assignment, realization and delivery of translation or many years, we emphasize to the final quality … more…


We have a deep knowledge of the market, the services provided and the way of maintaining their quality… more…

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Golden Fleece Translations is always consistent in delivery times of your projects while it pledges for quick response to every emergency call. more…

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For Golden Fleece and its colleagues confidentiality constitutes an inviolate policy, concerning the offer of high quality… more…


documents Official translation
of documents
graduations Translation of University
Diplomas and CVs

health docs Translation of medical
& pharmaceutical texts

money documents Accounting &
Financial Translations

congress Translations of lectures,
congresses and conferences

emporio Commercial Translations
docs Translations of
Administrative Texts

market Translations of
legal texts

documents Technical & technology translations
documents Translations of websites
& e-shops
documents Touristic and Maritime
documents Literary Translations
Golden Fleece Translations faces interpreting with responsibility as it is a linguistic service where no final controls can be made and the quality of the result depends exclusively on the capacity of the interpreter, his education, experience and talent….



Golden Fleece Translations provides validation services concerning:

• Official validation by a lawyer

A translation is considered to be valid when its validation has been made by a lawyer. The translator gives to the lawyer the translation and the source-text and the lawyer certifies the accuracy of the translation as well as that the translated document is in accordance with the Greek law.

The validation by a lawyer is necessary for the translation of official public documents such as various certificates, passports, degrees, driving licenses, etc., either for documents issued abroad in order to be submitted to the Greek public services or for documents issued in Greece and that are going to be submitted to foreign authorities. The authenticity of the signature of the lawyer is also certified by the Bar Association.

Our relevant services

Golden Fleece Translations undertakes to deliver the translation work validated by a lawyer upon your request.

• Apostille (Hague Stamp)

The Hague Apostille is a simplified certification of documents and notarial agreements issued in countries that have joined the relevant with the Apostille Article 3 of the “Convention of Hague”. This means that every document validated (by the issuing authority or by a notary) is immediately considered to be valid in all the countries participating in the above legal framework.

APOSTILLE is issued by the competent authority of the country issuing the document and is stamped on original documents or valid copies certifying the authenticity of the signature, the capacity of the person signing the document and the identity of the seal that bears the document.

• Simple validation of official documents

Documents validation by our translation agency.


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