Interpreting constitute one of the most important fields of linguistic services regarding the transfer of meaning of oral language exclusively.

We can distinguish three modes of interpreting.

A) Simultaneous interpreting (SI)

The interpreter is in a special booth where he renders the message in the target-language simultaneously.

B) Consecutive interpreting (CI)

The interpreter stands beside the source-language speakers, listening and taking notes and he starts interpreting at the end of the speech.

C) Whispered interpreting

The interpreter sits next to the speakers, interpreting simultaneously at a low volume close to their ears.

Golden Fleece Translations faces interpreting with responsibility as it is a linguistic service where no final controls can be made and the quality of the result depends exclusively on the capacity of the interpreter, his education, experience and talent.

For this reason, always caring for our clients we provide them interpreters equipped with all the above qualities as well as knowledge of many different dialects as well as a wide culture so that they can convert correctly every kind of meaning, building an essential and effective communication between the speaker and its co-speakers or its audience.

For your convenience we recommend you to:
  • Inform us in time that you will need an interpreter, one week before the date of the rendering of services
  • Let us know about the subject of the event as well as the time and place that will be held.
  • Please provide the interpreter with the necessary material concerning the event (presentations, terminology glossaries, etc.).

The absolute confidentiality of the interpreter is assured as covered by his professional ethics.

Golden Fleece Translations provides interpreting services for:

  • Conferences
  • General Meetings
  • Various events
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Assemblies
  • Workshops
  • Councils
  • Professional missions, meetings and negotiations
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