Golden Fleece Translations offers professional translation services by applying a system of principles that are able to ensure a translation result of high quality and accuracy, even if it has to do with the most complex and difficult terminology.

We are always based on our staff and colleagues worldwide for the translation of all languages as our principles are against the use of mechanical translation which empires in our era. The extraordinary capacity of our colleagues is more than enough for the transfer of the exact meaning of the source text with all the subtleties of each language, as well as the relevant terminology, a result that cannot be accomplished with the use of mechanical translation.

Consequently a high quality translation work is delivered to you.


Accounting and Financial Translations

Golden Fleece Translations always cooperates with economists and specialists in the translation of economical and commercial terminology, who implement top translations in the field of financial and accounting affairs. Living in an era where in economical affairs a right information exchange and a clear communication contribute to the success of any cooperation, you can make the difference with the support of a translation service of high reliability. For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of:

  • Techno-economic designs and financial statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Monthly-Annual Reports
  • Business plans & reports-findings
  • International Accounting Standards-Spreadsheets
  • Invoices & Commercial transactions
  • Marketing & Management Texts
  • Financial reports
  • Documents of social security organisms
  • Remuneration statements
  • University assignments
  • Bank documents

Touristic and Maritime

With experienced partners in the economic and trade communication and great expertise in the fields of tourism and maritime affairs, the Golden Fleece Translations offers services that support any translation need in the field of tourism and shipping. From the most common to the most specialized.

For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of:
  • Texts of International Commerce
  • Management Texts
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Business Planning
  • Market researches
  • International and European issues
  • Touristic texts of any kind and the relevant websites
  • Registrations of vessels
  • Texts of maritime companies and organisms
  • Bridge calendars
  • Shipbuilding studies and other texts of Shipbuilding
  • Application of foreign languages and/or informatics in administration and commerce
  • Charter parties
  • Shipping documents
  • Legal texts of private and public maritime law
  • Agreements and contracts
metafraseis touristika nautiliaka

Literary Translations

Literary translations can make the translation an art expression that sometimes is equivalent to literature, as the translation of a literary work can be as important as its writing. In Golden Fleece Translations we have ensured the priceless cooperation of philologists and stylists specialized in translation and always with respect to the original text, we provide translation services for:

  • Philological texts and essays
  • Journalistic articles
  • Literary books, poems, plays, articles, essay reviews
  • Theological and religious essays
  • History, archeology and ethnology texts
  • Educational subjects
  • Art, criticism, history of art and museology texts
  • Philology, sociology and psychology texts

Translations of Administrative Texts

Golden Fleece Translations undertakes the implementation of valid translations of public and private foreign documents in order to be used in Greece as well as of Greek documents that are going to be used abroad. It also completes the translation work with services of document validation in order to fully cover its customers. For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of:

  • Contracts
  • Legal proceedings- documents for any legal use
  • Insurance measures and documents for refunding by social security organisms
  • Opinions
  • Studies, records and decisions
  • Statistical data
  • Private documents and conventions
  • Recommendation letters
  • Public certificates (birth, marriage, baptism, death)
  • Regulations
  • School-leaving Certificates
  • Certificates of seminars & trainings
  • Certificates of informatics skills
  • Diplomas of Greek and foreign universities and technological institutes
  • Essays
  • Certificates of studies
  • Rights of intellectual, industrial and commercial property
  • Company statutes
  • License and certification documents
  • Foreign languages certificates/ Certificates of Adequacy
metafraseis dioikitikon eggrafon

Translations of lectures, congresses and conferences

With many colleagues specialized on many different specialties and knowledge fields, we undertake the translation of lectures of conferences, congresses and events of any kind and subject held in our country or abroad. Always providing optimal and fast, valid and in time and of course confidential services.

For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of lectures and records of:
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Councils
  • Seminars
  • International events
  • Meetings
  • Assemblies

Commercial Translations

Small and big enterprises as well as independent professionals who are now cooperating with other countries choose the Company Golden Fleece Translations for their daily support concerning the translation of their documents which vary from their daily commercial correspondence to their advertising texts, their pricing policy and everything needed to support their commercial activities abroad.

For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of:
  • Company and products presentations
  • General presentations
  • Forms/brochures
  • Advertising and Promotional material
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing plans
  • Google Ad Words & S.E.O campaigns
  • Public relations activities

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts

The accuracy and high quality of translations concerning medical and pharmaceutical texts constitute necessary conditions for a high quality translation agency. The Company Golden Fleece Translations handles with responsibility the criticality of medical and pharmaceutical texts cooperating with doctors specialized in the relevant fields and experienced translators, who undertake the accomplishment of the translation work.

For a great number of languages, we provide translations of:
  • Medical and diagnostic examinations
  • Manuals of medical equipment, instruments and devices.
  • Clinical studies
  • Instructions for use of medicines
  • Educational material for health visitors
  • Pharmaceutical promotional material
  • Medicine and Cosmetic packaging
metafraseis iatrika farmakeutika

Translations of websites and e-shops

Golden Fleece Translations recognizes the great importance of the Internet in the communication and the effective activation of companies, providing translation services for websites, e-shops any kind of web applications, through which they achieve am effective communication with their global audience and national and regional population who present their own cultural and linguistic particularities.

For every company, organism, institute and professional, no matter what their subject and professional field is, Golden Fleece Translations provides for a great number of languages translations of:

  • Texts of websites
  • Menus and information of websites
  • Graphic elements of websites (heading, subtitles, images)
  • Basic linguistic customization of an already translated website

Technical translations and translations of technology and informatics

Technological translations as well as technical translations of any kind, require translators with high level specialization, long experience, informed for the technological developments which change very fast forming the current hi-tech reality with innumerable technological devices, gadgets and applications that have conquered the market.

Golden Fleece Translations has in its disposal specialized partners, experienced translators that sufficiently correspond to every translation need on the field of technology.

For a great number of languages, we undertake translations of:
  • User handbooks for PCs and tablets
  • Manuals for fixed and mobile telephony devices, computer peripheral devices such as graphics cards, network devices such as routers, modems, etc.
  • Manuals of call centers, cameras, of printers, copiers, MFPs.
  • Manuals for televisions, projectors, screens
  • Handbooks of use and installation of devices
  • Electrical and Electronic equipment
  • Keyboards and peripherals
  • Mechanical Equipment
metafraseis texnikes texnologias

Translations of legal texts

Legal texts constitute a special translation category demanding an important translation adaptation.

Golden Fleece Translations with partners with experience in the translation of legal texts in its disposal takes up the translation of the simplest to the most demanding and complicated legal texts for important companies and institutions in Greece and abroad. For a great number of languages, it provides translation services for:

  • Contracts
  • Conventions/ Agreements
  • Lawsuits
  • Applications
  • Certificates

Official translation of documents

All the translations of official documents made by Golden Fleece Translations are in accordance with the Greek law and fully correspond to the specifications determined by the Greek nation. For a great number of languages we provide official translations of:

  • Foreign languages Certificates
  • Certificates and official supporting documents (such as certificates of birth/marriage/death, tax certificate etc.)
  • Various financial documents
  • Legal documents

metafraseis ptixia viografika

Translation of University Diplomas and CVs

When we are talking about diplomas and CVs, an accurate translation can promote the qualifications and skills of the interested person and become his “passport” so that he can travel to a new professional world.

Consequently, Golden Fleece Translations manages always with responsibility this reality by undertaking the accurate translation of CVs (simple or Europass form), degrees, diplomas, school-leaving certificates and other certificates as well as their validation.

For a great number of languages we provide translations of:
  • Degrees of Greek and foreign Universities & Technological Institutes
  • Certificates and attestations of studies
  • Foreign languages certificates/ certificates of competence
  • Recommendation letters
  • Seminar and Training Certificates
  • CVs
  • School-leaving certificates
  • Transcripts of records of educational institutes
  • Certificates of Informatics skills and of other qualifications
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